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Every year during the first two weeks of August the mass news media and many politicians at the national level trot out the “patriotic” political myth that the dropping of the two atomic bombs on Japan in August of caused them to surrender, and thereby saved the lives of anywhere from five hundred thousand to one million American soldiers, who did not have to invade the islands. The best book, in my opinion, to explode this myth is The Decision to Use the Bomb by Gar Alperovitz, because it not only explains the real reasons the bombs were dropped, but also gives a detailed history of how and why the myth was created that this slaughter of innocent civilians was justified, and therefore morally acceptable. The essential problem starts with President Franklin Roosevelt’s policy of unconditional surrender, which was reluctantly adopted by Churchill and Stalin, and which President Truman decided to adopt when he succeeded Roosevelt in April of Baldwin concludes that the unconditional surrender policy was perhaps the biggest political mistake of the war…. Unconditional surrender was an open invitation to unconditional resistance; it discouraged opposition to Hitler, probably lengthened the war, costs us lives, and helped to lead to the present aborted peace. The stark fact is that the Japanese leaders, both military and civilian, including the Emperor, were willing to surrender in May of if the Emperor could remain in place and not be subjected to a war crimes trial after the war.

Japan marks 72nd anniversary of Hiroshima bombing with sombre ceremony

Ginkgo biloba in Tournai , Belgium Ginkgo has long been cultivated in China; some planted trees at temples are believed to be over 1, years old. The first record of Europeans encountering it is in in Japanese temple gardens , where the tree was seen by the German botanist Engelbert Kaempfer. Because of its status in Buddhism and Confucianism , the ginkgo is also widely planted in Korea and parts of Japan; in both areas, some naturalization has occurred, with ginkgos seeding into natural forests.

In some areas, most intentionally planted ginkgos are male cultivars grafted onto plants propagated from seed, because the male trees will not produce the malodorous seeds. The popular cultivar “Autumn Gold” is a clone of a male plant.

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When the ladle rolls over, it deposits a pale-yellow puddle of batter onto the griddle. A gentle sizzle, as the back of the ladle spackles a mixture of eggs, flour, water, and milk across the silver surface. A crepe takes shape. Next comes cabbage, chopped thin—but not too thin—and stacked six inches high, lightly packed so hot air can flow freely and wilt the mountain down to a molehill. Crowning the cabbage comes a flurry of tastes and textures: Finally, three strips of streaky pork belly, just enough to umbrella the cabbage in fat, plus a bit more batter to hold the whole thing together.

With two metal spatulas and a gentle rocking of the wrists, the mass is inverted. The pork fat melts on contact, and the cabbage shrinks in the steam trapped under the crepe. Then things get serious.

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Average temperature for November in Hiroshima June to August sees the highest temperatures. Days in July and August are sometimes both wet and warm. On August 6th each year the city marks Peace Memorial Day, with solemn ceremonies and thousands of lanterns floated on the river. The shoulder seasons of April to May and September to October bring warm temperatures and cooler evenings. The first weekend of May sees the Flower Festival with free music throughout the city.

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This section recounts the first atomic bombing. While President Truman had hoped for a purely military target, some advisers believed that bombing an urban area might break the fighting will of the Japanese people. Hiroshima was a major port and a military headquarters, and therefore a strategic target.

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How could Hiroshima and Nagasaki be a hoax? Aren’t there thousands of witnesses in Japan? What about the radiation damage to Japanese people and photos of radiation damaged bodies? What about the video of the atomic bomb going off in Japan? If it was a hoax, why doesn’t the Japanese government or Japanese historians expose it? And why did Japan surrender then? Why didn’t it fight on and lure the Allies to invade their homeland with troops? The Allies were reluctant to do that cause it would involve enormous casualties.

However, that US government documentary about Hiroshima and Nagasaki sure does have some odd discrepancies. I’ve also seen videos of nuclear bomb test sites that were odd because the houses in them that blew away look like little toy houses and yet the camera filming it was unharmed. On one hand they tell us, Radiation exposure lasts for s of years but miraculously both these cities came up well inhibited in just 10 years after the blast.. They just put a story out there In all of raids by Americans into japan The emperors palace was left intact but civilians homes were bombed like whats happening in Syria with Assad palace being the safest home while people getting killed everwhere Its a giant conspiracy

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The early Muromachi period map, which covers regions from today’s Honshu main island through Kyushu in western Japan, “contains transitional elements during the Kamakura and Muromachi periods and is significant in tracing changes to Japanese maps,” said a representative of the museum. It was previously believed that a map in the “Shugaisho” encyclopedia from was the oldest known map covering the whole of Japan. While Ninna-ji temple in Kyoto also holds a map of Japan dating to , it does not cover the western part of the country.

The recently confirmed map, titled “Nihon fuso koku no zu,” measures centimeters by 57 centimeters. Fuso is another name for Japan in ancient times. The map centers around Yamashiro-no-kuni today’s southern Kyoto Prefecture , with Kyushu located at the top and the Tohoku region at the bottom, and illustrates the then 68 provinces of Japan with their names and locations.

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Let me start out by apologizing. So where was I in my last post? The seas around Hiroshima are full of little islands. One of the larger ones off the coast is Miyajima, an island with a small town and a long history as a religious site. Itsukushima Shrime is the most famous part of the island, dating in its present incarnation to the glory days of the Taira clan of samurai in the 12th century.

Depending on the tide, the torii gate is either on a sandy beach, or off the shore out in the water. It is definitely the most well-known shrine gate in all of Japan. The complex of Itsukushima itself, in its tidal shallows.

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Hiroshima YouTube Video Hiroshima’s A-Bomb Dome is an enduring symbol of the post city Hiroshima has earned a poignant place in the world’s history and imagination as where the first atomic bomb was dropped, in But this modern, clean, open city offers more than just memories with its Peace Memorial Park. A bustling port city of over one million people, Hiroshima has numerous tourist attractions, including a reconstructed castle and famous gardens, and is easy to navigate, on foot or by streetcar.

Hiroshima History Hiroshima was founded in by the feudal lord Terumoto Mori, who named the city Hiroshima “broad island” and built Hiroshima Castle. The city became a garrison town for the Imperial army after and entered the history books forever on August 6th, when the US B29 bomber ‘Enola Gay’ dropped the world’s first atomic bomb on Hiroshima which devastated the city and killed, at the time and subsequently, around , people.

A later addition to the Peace Park area are the ten Gates of Peace – ten 9m glass arches inscribed with the word “peace” in 45 languages and completed in Other places of interest include Hiroshima Museum of Art Tel: Hijiyama Park is a popular cherry blossom viewing spot in spring. Badly damaged by the bomb, the circular-tour garden has been restored to its original glory.

There are great views over the city from the top. Gokoku Shrine in the castle grounds is a Shinto shrine dedicated to Japan’s war dead. Walkers can continue to Ushitayama around hours and return to Hiroshima by bus. Fudoin Temple , also north of Hiroshima Station, is Hiroshima’s oldest surviving building and dates originally to the 14th century.

Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and the Atomic Bomb

On August 6, , the US dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima that destroyed most of the city and instantly killed 80, of its citizens. Today, Hiroshima has recovered into a bustling manufacturing hub with a population of 1. Here’s what Hiroshima looks like today. On August 6, , the 73rd anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima, the residents of the Japanese city will pause to remember the day in that changed the course of history.

By the end of , 60, more people had died as a result of the blast.

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When two people bundled, a bolster or wooden board was installed to separate the two halves of the bed. This unusual courtship ritual had a standard format. Bedrooms were semi-public spaces until roughly the late 18th century, and were used for anything from giving birth to entertaining guests. But not everyone was in favor of letting their kids sleep in a bed with the opposite sex.

Bundling drew ire from contemporary religious leaders and later from historians in Victorian England. One poem of the time, reprinted by Stiles, serves as a cautionary tale: The origins of bundling may have come, as Stiles suggested, from a simple lack of fuel and cash in the cold winter months. Others believe its use as a legitimate marriage bolster originated from the story of Boaz and Ruth in Judeo-Christian religious texts, as social historian Yochi Fischer-Yinon described in his article The Original Bundlers.

When bundling failed to keep two lovers at bay, the decision to marry was made for them; shotgun weddings protected their morality if the girl was expecting. Bundling became so attractive to some parents in the s that it was briefly revived, and was used in religious Christian communities including Amish culture.

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Commenting Policy phu This is absolutely ridiculous. The premise is that an apology by the US government would somehow unavoidably compel the Japanese government to make a similar apology. Aside from the very obvious lack of any reason why this would be the case, are the authors aware that the US attempted and failed to do something so minor as preventing Abe from visiting Yasukuni?

There is absolutely nothing to suggest this situation would result in anything different, particularly given the massively greater concession such a statement would be.

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The rabbits were brought to the island to test the effects of the poison, but once the war ended they were freed by the workers. The rabbits you now see around the island may be many generations down the line from these test bunnies. Regardless, the presence of the rabbits in combination to the historical ruins has made the island a popular attraction.

Scroll to the bottom of this page for the Tadanoumi-Okunoshima ferry schedule. The island is now a popular day-trip destination or weekend holiday spot.

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Interesting August 6, — the sun rose into a clear blue sky over the city of Hiroshima, Japan promising a warm and pleasant day. But this day would be different, very different. On this day a single bomb dropped by a single airplane destroyed the city, leading to the end of World War II and introducing mankind to the Atomic Age. Michihiko Hachiya lived through that day and kept a diary of his experience.

Shimmering leaves, reflecting sunlight from a cloudless sky, made a pleasant contrast with shadows in my garden as I gazed absently through wide-flung doors opening to the south. Clad in drawers and undershirt, I was sprawled on the living room floor exhausted because I had just spent a sleepless night on duty as an air warden in my hospital. Suddenly, a strong flash of light startled me — and then another. So well does one recall little things that I remember vividly how a stone lantern in the garden became brilliantly lit and I debated whether this light was caused by a magnesium flare or sparks from a passing trolley.

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