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Stefani Germanotta, Nadir Khayat – Producers: Lyrically, “Bad Romance” explores Gaga’s attraction to individuals with whom romance never works, her preference for lonely relationships and the paranoia she experienced while on tour. Following an illegal demo leak, Gaga showcased the final product at Alexander McQueen’s show at the Paris Fashion Week in October , followed by the release of the single’s cover art. Musically, “Bad Romance” features a spoken bridge, a full-throated chorus and sung lyrics about being in love with one’s best friend. The song, which is imbued with elements of Germanesque house and techno, as well as music from s and the s, was touted by Gaga as an experimental pop record. Luke, Benny Blanco “Tik Tok” is Kesha’s debut single, released on August 7, as the lead track from her first studio album, Animal. The opening line of the song came from an experience where Kesha woke up surrounded by beautiful women, to which she imagined Diddy being in a similar scenario. The experience triggered the writing of the song which she later brought to her producer, Dr. Luke, who was then contacted by Diddy in hopes of a collaboration; he came to the studio the same day and recorded his lines and the song was completed. According to Kesha the song’s lyrics are representative of her and based on her life; the song has a carefree message and talks about not letting anything bring you down.

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The song, versatile for multiple radio formats with its ’60s-reminiscent pop, rock and dance vibe, has now led six radio-based rankings, led by its command on the all-genre Radio Songs chart for a third week with million in audience, up 11 percent, in the week ending Oct. It previously ruled Alternative Songs for 17 weeks, tying for the third-longest domination in the chart’s year history, and Adult Alternative Songs for 11 weeks.

Only one other song has hit No. In , Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know,” featuring Kimbra, led the respective charts for six, three, six, 12, 13 and six weeks.

Cause now you’re just somebody that I used to know Now you’re just some asshole that I used to know You’re just a fucking liar that I used to know Now and then I think of all the ways you.

His parents were immigrants from Abruzzo , Italy , who ran a construction business, and while growing up, he worked alongside his brothers as a bricklayer. He aspired to become a singer, emulating artists such as Al Jolson and Perry Como , and by the success of a family friend, Alfredo Cocozza, who had changed his name to Mario Lanza. In , he moved to New York City, recorded some sides for the Jubilee label, [4] [5] and in , won first place on Arthur Godfrey’s Talent Scouts television program with a performance of Como’s hit ” If “.

Lanza’s label RCA Victor had asked him to record the song, but Martino called and pleaded with him to let Martino’s version have a clear run. His popularity allowed him to continue to perform and record successfully in the UK, headlining at the London Palladium and having six further British chart hits in the period up to , including “Now” and “Wanted”.

However, his work received no exposure back in the US. In , Martino signed with 20th Fox Records ; [11] his deal scored him two albums, [12] and four singles released, none of which was a major hit.

COMMENTS The alternative radio format is built upon the promise of what’s coming next, so it’s no surprise that the music played by alternative stations has experienced multiple changes during the last 25 years. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Billboard’s Alternative Songs chart, we’re counting down the top tunes in the tally’s quarter-century history. Scroll to the bottom of this page to see how this chart was formulated.

This First Appeared in Billboard Magazine: The Top Alternative Songs ranking is based on actual performance on the weekly Alternative chart formerly Modern Rock dating to it’s inception on Sept. Rankings are based on an inverse-point system, with weeks at No.

Original lyrics of Somebody That I Used To Know song by Gotye. Explore 85 meanings and explanations or write yours. Find more of Gotye lyrics. Watch official video, print or download text in PDF. Comment and share your favourite lyrics.

I think I almost got everything I wanted until the age of 13, yes. Then, everything changed, parents got divorced, and I went to live with my grandmother, and there wasn’t that much money. I have a sister who’s younger than me, she’s actually my stepsister: Until the age of 14 music was part of my life since it was part of the family circle: But it’s only when I moved in with my grandparents that I started playing music myself. It was like a need to me. Matthew managed to play the song and his brother used to make him play it in front of his friends for show off.

At the age of 11, after seeing Jimi Hendrix putting his guitar on fire, he decided he wanted to buy a guitar, which he asked from his grandmother. He then became interested in it after the divorce of his parents. I did get quite into that. Something that you might not have known was already there. And I do practice that”. Some songs most notably older ones express a more esoteric side in terms of guitar riffs and vocals ” Execution Commentary ,” ” Agitated ,” ” Ashamed ,” ” Yes Please ,” and ” Break It to Me ” more recently, among others.

He also seems to pronounce clearly the hard consonant sound “n” at the beginnings of some phrases when he sings.

Ronson was brought up in Masorti Judaism and had a Bar Mitzvah ceremony. He has five younger half-siblings: Alexander and Annabelle, from his mother’s marriage to Mick Jones; and Henrietta, David, and Joshua, from his father’s marriage to model Michele First. He soon became known for his diverse, genre-spanning selection. Influenced by funk , the hip hop scene of New York and the more rock influence of the UK all of which he incorporated in his sets he attracted a wider audience.

Childhood. Matthew Bellamy was born in Cambridge on the 9th June and moved to Devon with his family at the age of Matthew’s dad, George Bellamy was in a band called The Tornadoes, who were the first band from the UK to get a US number 1 record. [source?] At the age of 13 Matthew’s parents got divorced. [source?] “It was ok at home, middle class, we had money.”.

One part of the song is written from the man’s perspective, wherein he describes how lonely he felt with the company he bought service from. The man is so intent on separating himself from the bad relationship with the business that he doesn’t even retain the phone number he used with them and sends his friends to get his phone records to verify his final bill, implying a lack of trust despite their long relationship.

The other portion is written and performed from the point of view of the spurned provider, pointing out to the customer how hard it is to be left behind and reminding all of us that corporations are people too. She is thinking about when they first met and how happy he seemed. But this quick love burned out as fast as it came together because of the lack of sincerity on his part as well as the abscence of a strong foundation of friendship.

He needed a rebound to make himself feel good again and she was lonely.

Childhood. Matthew Bellamy was born in Cambridge on the 9th June and moved to Devon with his family at the age of Matthew’s dad, George Bellamy was in a band called The Tornadoes, who were the first band from the UK to get a US number 1 record. [source?] At the age of 13 Matthew’s parents got divorced. [source?] “It was ok at home, middle class, we had money.”.

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