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Generally speaking, trolling is more effective than mooching earlier in the season when the fish are more scattered. You can cover more ground to increase your hook up ratio. The downside to kayak trolling is fatigue and the difficulty to go deep if the fish are down. For deeper water trolling, I prefer the following: Spectra line cuts the water and allows you to go deeper with less weight. Lead weights on a sinker release spring loaded.

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Click to view larger image Family: Acipenseridae Sturgeons Genus and Species: The body of the white sturgeon is long, roughly cylindrical, and has five rows of bony plates on its back.

Saltwater Salmon Fishing. Trolling for Salmon is the most common approach in the Tofino-Ucluelet area. We use Scotty Downriggers to get our gear down to the right depth, rigged with a release clip mechanism to fight the fish on the rod and reel, completely free of the Downrigger.

For instance, in the ocean, anglers are only allowed to use two barbless hooks when fishing for salmon. But great guides like John Anderson, as good as they are, are still faced with landing slightly less than 50 percent of the fish they hook up. But guide John Anderson of Memory Makers fame seems to have found a way of increasing his salmon hookup-to-landing ratio.

But John adds a third hook trailing on the end and calls it a stinger. He got his idea from a fellow who had an underwater bullet camera. But he always makes room for the standard 2-hook spinnerbait setup just in case the bite goes on him. So how are other local guides and sporting goods store owners looking at fishing the Rogue bay at this time?

Several fish were caught off the Indian Creek trough by boat trolling at the high tide. So expect the action to pick up as July progresses. Salmon Fishing Picking Up in the Oregon KMZ Ocean fishing for salmon out of the Port of Brookings Harbor has been slowly picking up, with most of the successful fishermen getting up with the chickens so they can beat the windy seas.

One of the kids got two fish in and my brother got one. So all in all, we had a pretty good day.

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Monday, May 23, Brining bait for Salmon I’ve been asked to give folks my “secret” brining recipe for bait herring, sardines and anchovies that I use on some of my salmon trips. On my page, “gear we use”, I recently posted my favorite conventional tackle rigging for spring chinook. This is how I prepare my bait for use with the Rogue Bait rigs discussed in that post.

If you don’t start off with the highest quality bait you can get your hands on, there really isn’t much that you can do to improve it. Frozen works, but fresh is best.

Wrapping the line around the anchovy keeps the fish from falling apart in the water so the bait lasts longer. Bait anchovies straight from the ice chest. Thawed anchovies are slippery, difficult to work with, and may not stay long on the hook, especially in salt water.

Each one has different features, some of a benefit over others. The reason I got the Cannons was I knew a salesman who gave me a good deal on them. After I had a chance to see how the Scotty electrics were used by a Alaskan salmon guide, when I sold that boat, I gave the guy a good deal on the whole package. I would not want a manual version where the handle rotated as the line was being let out. This can be an arm breaker.

If you take it to a repair center for any problem, like even a uneven drag, most time they will update it to the newest type of parts for no cost.. They have a 2 way switch on the upper arm control box. This box has a slot that the wire is run thru. It has a kind of pivoting door that is controlled by the switch on the top. However if you want to have it come in automatically, you rotate the outer ring. This also sets the gate to where the “buttons” you have previously set on the wire as your stop position, a location that when they pass thru this gate, the switch is tripped off.

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Somedays you have to weed through the undersized fish under We have been spending most of our time fishing deep as usual in Howe Sound and smaller 3 inch Silver Horde and G Force Spoons seem to be working well for us. Crabbing has also picked up and we are dropping traps on all of our winter charters. We are offering our winter charter special from January 15th to March 31st. Details will be up on our website soon.

Slide the hoochie up the line from the hooks. Run the sliding hook through the Anchovy a little south of the gill slit. Now get the hoochie and hold it upside down and open the tentacles up like a peeled banana.

Salt Water New Down Rigging Techniques for Salmon For those anglers that have played a large Salmon on light gear without a flasher, Dodger or weight etc… you know the thrill of the battle that can only be experienced fishing this way. The first thing I noticed was the salmon fought differently they were not fighting the flasher or weight they were fighting me.

I noticed a lot more surface action, high jumps and tail walks. Definitely great excitement for all. When fishing open water use a dummy flasher attached directly to the cannon ball, on about an 8 foot 40 lb test monofilament leader. Eight feet above this clip your 36 to 48 inch release. Use a swivel in line and let out about 30 feet of line. Check the roll of the bait first then drop it to your desired depth. A slow roll is best.

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Down on the dock one morning, I was actually surprised to see several of the local guides rigging up anchovies for bait. But needlefish are rarely caught or sold as bait, so the boys have had to find something that matches the size, shape, colour and profile of needlefish, which as it turns out are anchovies. If you watch this short video clip carefully you see how simple and effective it is to rig an anchovy for salmon — and I am betting lake trout here on my home waters in Northwestern Ontario.

One quick comment, though, as you watch the video. When I used the anchovy rig last week, I alternated between both tactics, preferring to let the salmon decide, and it was difficult to determine which one produced better. It seems salmon simply like to snack on anchovies.

Anchovy Streamer, is a successful baitfish imitation for Pacific Salmon that comes from the book Fishing For Pacific Salmon by Bruce Ferguson, Les Johnson, and Pat Trotter, and attributed to Dennis Lee of Eureka, California. Northern Anchovy are metallic bluish green on the dorsal area and silver on the sides and belly.

Why can’t I fish for ocean whitefish during a rockfish closure? Ocean whitefish are prohibited during a rockfish closure to prevent the incidental take bycatch of depleted species of rockfish namely bocaccio. Data shows that these species are often taken by sport fishermen in conjunction with one another. Why is there a minimum fillet length requirement for ocean whitefish, but no minimum size limit for this species? This is due to the similarity of appearance between whitefish and bass barred sand bass and kelp bass fillets, in order to prevent dishonest anglers from taking short bass minimum size limit is 12 inches , filleting them and then claiming they are whitefish fillets.

If you catch and choose to keep an ocean whitefish that may not meet the minimum fillet length 6 inches once it is filleted, the best advice to avoid running into this problem is to keep the fish whole, or gutted, until you get home and prepare the fish for eating. How many fish total can I have in my bag and possession limit? The general bag and possession limit of Section Within this general bag limit of 20 fish with not more than 10 of any one species, special sublimits apply to many species.

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The Sardine Wrapped Kwikfish or flatfish Just in time for the peak of salmon season, we bring a little help to those unfamiliar with setting up a kwikfish or flatfish, essentially the same, with a little different action with a wrap. An extremely effective salmon lure You can follow the instructions and photos below to learn how to wrap the plug, or if you wish, you can download a video of Bob wrapping a plug by clicking here and visiting our videos section.

We prefer to use sardines to wrap my plugs with, although herring or anchovies also work. Be sure to keep the baitfish as cold as possible we like them partially frozen to keep the meat firm and make this as easy as possible Sardine-wrapped kwikfish accounted for this pair of Kasilof River, Alaska king salmon.

King salmon swim in loose schools, only occasionally bunching up so tight that anglers can drift anchovy baits through them, a style of fishing amusingly called mooching. Most of the time the captain creeps the boat along at less than two knots around and around a certain stretch of water, looking for chinook that possess a hunger for dead, spinning anchovies.

We use Scotty Downriggers to get our gear down to the right depth, rigged with a release clip mechanism to fight the fish on the rod and reel, completely free of the Downrigger. Most often, we troll for Salmon with a Loomis or Shimano, and single action-direct drive reels made by Islander Reels right here on Vancouver Island. These smooth reels are normally loaded with 30 lb. We will occasionally troll some extra gear in the right conditions, and sometimes utilize similar single action reels made by Shimano as well.

Flashers are common as an attractor, with Spoons, Plugs and Hoochies common imitators. Baits such as Anchovy, Herring and Sardines are used as often as any type of lure for our Salmon Fishing. Upon your request, we are also able to jig fish for Salmon with fair to good success, so if this is your preferred approach, we can plan for this type of salmon fishery as well. Monofilament leaders in the lb. Halibut that took Jay and guests over 2 hours.

Our vessels are equipped to deal with all sizes of Halibut, with necessary gaff hooks, Harpoons and Ropes. The second halibut in your possession must be under 83cm.

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Salmon and Steelhead Strong salmon runs, abundant steelhead make lower Rogue a year-round favorite The legendary salmon and steelhead runs on the Rogue River draw anglers from throughout the country. From the trophy salmon in the Rogue Bay to tasty springers to hard-fighting summer and winter steelhead, the Rogue is worthy of its reputation of being one of the West’s premier places to fish.

Home of the world record fly-caught salmon, a monster plus-pound Chinook, and one of the most plentiful winter steelhead runs in the state, fishing is good on the Rogue year round. A native of the area, he learned at an early age how to troll the Rogue Bay, anchor fish for spring salmon, and fish for the famed half-pounder steelhead near Agness. Rogue Bay’s big kings make Gold Beach one of Oregon’s top fishing destinations The Rogue Bay, where big fall Chinook stack up in the cooler water near the river’s mouth before heading upstream in late summer and early fall, is one of pro guide Andy Martin’s favorite fisheries.

We began to hook up and land salmon after salmon. Our party of seven ended the day with limits of silvers and kings a total of 49 salmon. What a day and what a wonderful lure. It is the best I have ever used. It out fishes the cut plug by far. The hook positioned just at the tail of the bait is a sure catch every time. Thanks for coming up with.

Located just over 1 hour East of Vancouver, this system offers endless kilometers of easily accessible river front, suitable for all levels of fishing. Anglers of all techniques and we mean getting fish to bite your presentation can fish on this system and be highly successful as it offers various water types. Between the times of late August to early December, fall salmon can be caught throughout the entire river as thousands of fish pour into the river as their final stop of their migration.

During the fall, on every odd numbered year not including this year as it is a non-Pink salmon year , you may encounter any of the 5 salmon species. Chinook Salmon The largest of the Pacific Salmon species, they average lbs, with fish easily upwards of 50lbs being caught every year. Chinook Salmon will sit in any water type, although they are commonly found in deep pools or fast troughs. They are a very aggressive fish and respond well to a variety of presentations and baits.

They are known for being easily spooked, which means they can be quite shy when they enter the river, but with the right water conditions and presentation you can trigger their aggressive ocean nature. They tend to hang out in slow deep pools or under log jams, or in faster flows traveling close to shore.

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