Pulse Opinion: Flavour, Chidinma should just date

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With the recent sensational collabos with Chidinma and Flavour Fans are curious whether they are dating or not. Chidinma Ekile (born 2 May ), popularly known by her stage name Chidinma, is a Nigerian singer-songwriter, recording artist and stage performer.

My junior year of college a girl that I had liked for two years moved into the same dorm I was in. I finally got up enough courage to tell her how I felt and I found out that she had liked me for the whole time I had liked her but that she had a boyfriend. Well a few nights passed and she came down to my room and one thing led to another until finally we ended up making out hardcore. Eventually this happened a few times and I, like you, started to feel a pang of guilt everytime she would come down even if it was just to visit.

Eventually I told her that I couldnt do it anymore and that I didnt want to see her or be around her because I thought that she would try and get intimate again. But I failed at that because I liked her so much. Then I tried to tell her to choose and she couldnt ever make up her mind. I was truelly, deeply in love with girl and this carried on like this for nine months until my summer came around and I didnt see her for awhile.

I eventually found out that she was engaged to this guy over the course of the summer months.

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Recall that the Woju singer recently shared a video showing Chidinma sitting on a bed playing with her phone and laughing as he filmed her. In a recent chat with TheNetng, Chidinma was asked to choose who she is going to marry, kiss or kill between Davido, Kiss Daniel and Flavour.

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Flavour and Chidinma may have set off alarm bells, after sharing a very passionate kiss on stage. Capital first lady, Chidinma and Flavour shocked fans, while performing their duet Ololufe at Phyno’s Phynofest concert on Sunday night, in Onitsha.

She has cemented her name as an achiever and force to be reckoned with in the Nigerian entertainment scene. Omawumi managed to break that jinx where just male artistes had held sway in the music scene for a long time. But fast forward to , not much was heard from the singer musically. Thank God for social media anyway, but for Instagram where the babe would always post one or two stuff, her presence would have dwindled considerably.

Yes, she managed to release a song with Grammy Award winner, Angelique Kidjo but did it have a very positive impact in her career in ? Anyway, fans still love her and hope that not only would she change her hairstyle in , she would also come up with better and bigger hits. Waje And like her bestfriend Omawumi, Waje was almost pushed to the background this year. Waje has been busier on social media than in the studio this year.

Yes, fans got to know more about her grown up daughter and her cool dresses which she proudly showed off every now and then. And of course, she also proudly showed off her figure as she transformed from a plus-sized babe to a much trimmer lady. The last time Waje released her self-titled album was in May The album was critically acclaimed but ever since then, she has been releasing single tracks. So the question is, has she started the hiatus?

Flavour And Chidinma Share Passionate Kiss On Stage

Hello Laila Am proud of my wife, our baby can not be left out too lol! Ours was indeed a true love. We met in , then we live in the same community and attend the same church. I have always admired her from far.

Details Spirit of Naija 1 day ago Revealed: Toke Makinwa And Edward Relationship Started 4 Years Ago (Photos) Toke has just rewarded one of her domestic staff, Edward, for sticking with her and being there for her all these years.

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Fresh dating rumour trails Flavour, Chidinma

Instagram They have flogged this thing to death. There is no shock appeal whatsoever when their picture appears on Instagram. It worked at first but now no one cares. Chidinma is really milking the Flavour association till it bleeds.

Chidinma recently deleted all photos on her Instagram page including those taken with Flavour before sharing new ones. Recall that back in May while on MTV Base’s “Real Talk” with Ehiz, Chidinma addressed the dating rumours where she confirmed it in a stylish sort of way.

But in , it was as if their light started dwindling. When so many thought they might have been cooking something in the studio hoping such would be released before the end of the year, these stars lived on past glory while new acts sprang up and some of their contemporaries shone brighter. She has cemented her name as an achiever and force to be reckoned with in the Nigerian entertainment scene.

Omawumi managed to break that jinx where just male artistes had held sway in the music scene for a long time. But fast forward to , not much was heard from the singer musically. Thank God for social media anyway, but for Instagram where the babe would always post one or two stuff, her presence would have dwindled considerably.

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