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Skype Qik Skype acquired the video service Qik in Although Qik offered video conferencing and Internet streaming, the new service focuses on mobile video messaging between individuals and groups. Skype security Skype was claimed initially to be a secure communication , with one of its early web pages stating “highly secure with end-to-end encryption”. Skype reportedly uses publicly documented, widely trusted encryption techniques: Skype provides an uncontrolled registration system for users with no proof of identity. Instead, a free choice of nicknames permits users to use the system without revealing their identities to other users. It is trivial to set up an account using any name; the displayed caller’s name is no guarantee of authenticity. A third-party paper analyzing the security and methodology of Skype was presented at Black Hat Europe It analyzed Skype and found a number of security issues with the then-current security model.

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Pollution resolution If I replace my old diesel car with a less polluting new petrol one, how long will it take for the reduced pollution of the new car to outweigh the increased pollution caused by the manufacture of the new car and the disposal of the old, assuming average usage? It seems such a waste of energy. I read that a supermarket won an award for its two-year-matured puddings. So, what happens over two years to bring out the flavour?

Where I live, I use five different bins and the collections are fortnightly. Unlike many people I observe, I squash things like aluminium cans and plastic milk bottles.

According to The New York Times’ story last year on the current (and dismal) state of dating culture – dubbed the “Dating Apocalypse” – most Millennials using dating apps are just looking to hook up. In this feature story, we read several personal anecdotes from New York singles who were struggling with Tinder, ghosting, and meeting people who had a general lack of interest in serious.

One of the alleged victims in Pakistan seems to have been killed twice, as he was also one of the 20 children reportedly killed at Sandy Hook. During a televised report by the BBC of the Pakistan shootings, the reporter is seen walking in front of a wall with pictures of the children killed there. One of the pictures is none other than Noah Pozner , one of the more oft-displayed faces of the 20 children allegedly killed at the Sandy Hook school shootings, in Newtown, Connecticut, on December 14, Bizarrely, Pakistani authorities, officials at the Army Public School where the massacre occurred and the media have identified the boy in the photo as Huzaifa Huxaifa.

Unlike Sandy Hook, photos and videos were shown of the dead children on the scene, including blood, gore, rescue squad members, police, grieving parents and a scene of general pandemonium. Many researchers over the past two years have felt that Sandy Hook lacked the transparency necessary to prove it believable and left many unanswered questions. One of these people is filmmaker and author William Brandon Shanley.

Have you seen that picture? Everyone has seen that picture. You can tell that the children are not even wearing winter clothes and there is no frost on the ground as there was on December Not a single child is wearing any winter clothes, not even one coat or jacket. Other panned out pictures of this photo-op event show that only these 10 to 15 kids are on the scene along with other bystanders.

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Skype Qik Skype acquired the video service Qik in Although Qik offered video conferencing and Internet streaming, the new service focuses on mobile video messaging between individuals and groups. Skype security Skype was claimed initially to be a secure communication , with one of its early web pages stating “highly secure with end-to-end encryption”. Skype reportedly uses publicly documented, widely trusted encryption techniques: Skype provides an uncontrolled registration system for users with no proof of identity.

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Unlike traditional low-code, Kinvey is architected for engaging multichannel experiences running on a modern serverless cloud platform. Truly Native Digital Experiences Traditional low-code vendors have a limited focus on web and mobile and they rely on aging hybrid mobile technology. Kinvey is truly native, interacting directly with mobile APIs using JavaScript—no native code required. Kinvey uses a shared model to support PWAs with built-in support for chatbots.

Progress takes your existing web developers and turns them into multichannel experts without expensive retraining or re-staffing.

Zipcar is the world’s leading car-sharing network. We give you on-demand access to drive cars by the hour or the day in cities, airports, and campuses around the globe.

April 11, “When you advertise fire-extinguishers, open with the fire,” says advertising executive David Ogilvy. You have only 30 seconds in a TV commercial to grab attention. The same applies to a presentation. The first 30 seconds of your talk is crucial. This is the time your listeners form an impression of you, and of what’s to follow.

Like a fine thoroughbred, you need to hit the ground running by starting strong. Instead, many presenters are more like old, tired workhorses—they start weak by wasting those first precious seconds with platitudes and pleasantries. Brain research shows that we don’t pay attention to boring things. Surprise your listeners with a hook that immediately grabs their attention. The key is to make sure that the hook is brief, well-rehearsed and pertinent to your topic.

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Lesson 5 Advanced App Engine Topics Run application code in the background, without making the user wait, or even initiate the process. Learn about task queues and cron jobs and how you can use them to add advanced functionality to your app. Memcache, Edge Caching, AppStats and other methods of optimising your apps performance.

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Prime members can opt-in for in-home delivery Get notifications on the morning of delivery and just before your package arrives Watch the delivery live in the Amazon Key App or see a video clip of it later No codes shared with the delivery driver, and you can block access on delivery day remotely Available in select areas In-home delivery is available in select areas with Prime. Sign in to check address book eligibility or check below. Sign-up for Prime to get started. Sign in Check your zip code: Every day features including keyless entry, guest access, motion clips when someone enters or exists, and more are available with the Key Home Kit.

Prime members in select cities and surrounding areas in 37 metro areas can opt-in to in-home delivery. How do entry and exit videos work? With the entry and exit video feature, you can now see who unlocked and locked your door. Amazon Key will associate motion events generated by the Cloud Cam with lock and unlock events and you can watch them in the Amazon Key App. Your entry and exit videos will be provided for free for 24 hours with unlimited downloads and shares.

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However, writing for MakeUseOf often forces me to think a bit outside the box. How would I accomplish a home security system inexpensively or free? As an automation engineer, I often have to work with machinery or equipment where a central processor needs to read data from a number of distributed sensors. After doing a lot of digging, I finally found a very cool software application called Active Webcam that lets you do just that.

Before we get going, I do need to make it clear that the download link above for Active Webcam is to a free trial version of the software.

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Follow TIMEIdeas The killing of 26 people, including 20 children, at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut has understandably shocked the nation, and details are just beginning to emerge about the shooter, Adam Lanza , a year-old man who also murdered his mother. Events like these inevitably reopen debates about gun control, or more tenuously lead people to complain about American culture itself. Massacre of the Innocents: Chilling Details About the Gunman in the Schoolhouse For all the disbelief and dismay, we actually know pretty well that most such events are committed by individuals with a particular set of characteristics.

As my colleagues Mark Coulson, Jane Barnett and I noted in a article in the Journal of Police Crisis Negotiations , school shooters have generally been found to 1 have a history of antisocial-personality traits, 2 suffer from mental illnesses such as depression or psychosis and 3 tend to obsess about how others, whether other individuals or society at large, have wronged them.

These conclusions are similar to the findings of a U. Secret Service report on school shootings. These individuals seethe with rage and hatred and despondency, until they decide to lash out at individuals or a society they believe has done them great wrong. Mental health, as well as our failure to address it as a society, is at the core of these events.


To offset this disparity, many Chinese utilize methods to help increase their savings. However, that does not mean expats have to make sacrifices from the hip-pocket. Instead they too can take part in these gracious deals. The common methods of frugality involve the use of mobile applications.

App Annie Store Stats makes it easy to track app market statistics and data for top grossing and downloaded apps in United States for iOS and Android apps and games on iOS Store. App Annie is the standard in app analytics and app market data, giving you one easy-to-use platform for running every stage of your app business. Hook Up, Meet.

Gadget Hacks When I review apps, I’ll oftentimes end up downloading at least one or two “bad” apps that either lied about their functionality or were riddled with ads. These apps, while not as harmful as malware, can still be a major headache. This got me thinking about the other bad apps on the Play Store and how to avoid them. It is no secret the Google Play Store has a malware problem. However, what’s talked about even less is the number of apps designed to either bombard you with ads or capture your data using batch permissions and various other methods.

These apps are far more prevalent and are not always removed from the Play Store.