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The Watch Snob is in. Despite it being a quartz watch , what is your opinion about it? Do you ever wonder why I so rarely discuss Seiko in this column? Most of this mail will come from the Seiko faithful, a group akin to science fiction aficionados in their fervor and tastes. Sure, I respect Seiko and its history, and I agree that it has brought about many innovations, such as the quartz movement and possibly arguably the first automatic chronograph. But have you seen this watch?

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It was announced to the market just prior to Baselworld The former is the standard production model and the latter is a limited edition piece of just examples. Both watches were designed to celebrate the silver jubilee or 25th anniversary of the first Landmaster.

The only Seiko I might one day consider owning would be from the brand’s Grand Seiko haute horlogerie line, but only if the designs ever improve beyond their bland current state. But for now, in my fairly sizable collection of timepieces, not one is from Japan.

My Watchbox Seiko support website worked great! Used the link provided by whitenight to reset my perpetual calendar and it worked! Originally Posted by whiteknight I bought this watch brand new and it has worked very well for over 4 years now. When I got the watch back, the date was correct and it kept good time. However, I put it up for a few days around the end of April and when I took it back out to wear, I noticed that the date was a day late i.

I can only assume that when the Rolex guy reset the date for me, he didn’t know how the Seiko perpetual calendar worked and got it wrong. So, I took out my instruction book See the link below and attempted to set it myself. The second hand is supposed to go to 12 o-clock while the date is supposed to return to 1. The second hand went to 9 and the date went to 10 instead.

I was able to adjust the second hand to the 12 o’clock position as directed. However, when I proceed to page 9 and attempt to return the date to 1 as directed, the date cannot be adjusted either forward or backward; it remains at

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Probably so, but we here at Monochrome know very well that such things exist. Capability-wise, we all know the folks at Seikosha can easily rival their Swiss counterparts, and the Grand Seiko is a testament to that. But to make a timepiece equally good, without the price premium that comes with it… Impossible…?

“The Arnie“. Seiko H The Seiko H was the first dive watch to feature a digital alarm chronograph with combination analog display.. Its nickname came about because it was a favourite watch of Arnold Schwarzenegger and he wore it in “Commando”() and “Predator”().

That question concerns Seiko, a Japanese watch company that has the unmitigated nerve to make watches every bit as good as anything made in Switzerland the country most traditionally associated with quote-fine-unquote watchmaking but at a much lower price than you would be charged if you bought a watch from the land of cheese, chocolate, and cuckoo clocks. Those reasons are especially apropos today.

For, my horologically inquisitive readers, these are hard times for the Swiss watchmaking industry. Much soul searching is going on, and much hand-wringing: All sorts of strategies are being discussed, and strategies considered: And there, my friends, is the problem. Certainly it is true that marketing can sell a lot of watches. However what I think our friends in Switzerland have forgotten is that beyond a certain point, marketing will only get you so far. And that is where Seiko comes in.

Seiko, unlike the Swiss luxury brands, is barely a brand at all, in the conventional sense of the word. They make excellent watches offering excellent value at every price; they are one of the very few companies continuing to make more-accurate-than-necessary high precision quartz watches along with, to be fair, Citizen, Breitling, and Bulova; however none of those companies has the repertoire of offerings from the most basic to the most sophisticated that Seiko has.

And at the very high end they have repeaters and other chiming watches made in vanishingly small numbers yearly, with peerless sound, and with finish that has been openly and publicly admired by none other than The God Of Movement Finishing, Philippe Dufour.

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There are some links to Seiko specific web-sites, resources, book recommendations and accessories. If you know of something which should be included on this page please let me know and I will add it. All modern Seikos watches have the date of manufacture included in the serial number which is stamped on the outside of the watch case back.

Seiko Watch is one of the most esteemed watch brands in the world. It is also one of the most widely acknowledged brand names. Manufactured since , Seiko Watches is the leader in cutting-edge quartz technology and continues to celebrate worldwide popularity.

July 29, in Other Tags: Seiko Comments Off on Seiko King Seiko Special Chronometer … At the top of the King Seiko food chain and with enough dial text to rival a modern Rolex, Seiko made it obvious that they were ticking all the boxes with this Special Chronometer. In response the Daini factory released the first King Seiko model in , but without a chronometer rating it was deemed inferior to the Suwa Grand Seiko.

What it did do however was spark a rivalry between the two companies which would see the development of some outstanding high-beat manual and automatic calibres which were undoubtedly the pinnacle of their output prior to the quartz revolution. For a more in-depth overview of the Grand and King Seiko models, check out this excellent two part series written by Evan Yeung for the online watch magazine Monochrome.

Turning the watch over you immediately know this is an unusual model as it is completely smooth; no caseback or medallion, just a simple KS logo, model number and opening instructions. Between the lower lugs is a screw to allow for fine regulation but more on that later… To open the watch the bezel has to be levered off and the crystal and gasket removed. The mineral crystal is mounted in a stainless steel ring which slots into the gasket and the bezel compresses the two to form a waterproof seal.

When removed, a pin or small screwdriver is then used to press down the lever opposite the 4 marker on the dial and the stem and crown can be pulled out.

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It isn’t difficult to find a Seiko watch’s serial number; it’s right there on the back of the watch case or on the rim of the caseback. What is more difficult, though, is determining what a Seiko watch’s serial number means! And, if you know how to use the Seiko code to your advantage, you just might find that you can bargain for a better price by telling the store clerk that the “new” watch they’re selling was actually made two years ago.

Seiko Women’s Mechanical (Automatic) Wristwatches Keep track of your schedule with a seiko automatic movement women’s watch. These women’s watches are often smaller and slimmer for .

My last few visits to Seiko at Baselworld, but especially the addition of vintage watch collector Michael Stockton to the Fratello Watches team a few years ago, have made me realize that there are so many nice Seiko watches to explore — new and vintage. We at Fratellowatches have covered Seiko numerous times in the meantime, and here I finally run down my Top 5 favorite Seiko watches.

They comprise a combination of new and vintage Seiko models that are definitely worth checking out if you love watches. Each of them are on this list for a particular reason, from offering great value to simply being stunning. Without further ado, here are my Top 5 Seiko watches: It can handle its competition from Switzerland and Germany in a higher price range very easily.

It was the very first professional dive watch made by Seiko. The Seiko 62MAS is highly sought after by collectors and first marketed in It is the mother of all current professional Seiko watches, but also considered the early predecessor of the immensely popular Seiko SKX watch more on which later. We did a review on the Seiko 62MAS here , with a full explanation on its history. It is an exact visual copy of the Grand Seiko 44GS, but of course now contains a state-of-the-art Grand Seiko 9S64 hand-wound movement.

However, you have to handle it yourself to be able give it the proper appreciation that it deserves.


The Seiko – X Collectors Guide Jun 27, The s saw many in the watch industry looking to capitalise on an increased demand for automatic watches. This article focuses on its earliest incarnations, the X. Production of the line up ended sometime in , but are still readily available today. The X series are quickly becoming very collectable pieces thanks to a combination of great design and a storied history.

Show Your Sophistication with Seiko Women’s Watches. If you want to show off your classiness, selecting one of JCPenney’s Seiko women’s watches is a great way to do it.

Measuring 42mm in diameter and 12mm tall, it sits in a comfortable middle ground between the larger watches that are very popular of late and the sub 40mm pieces of yesteryear. The top case of the SNZG is a brushed finish, and along the sides is polished finish. In fact, I bet in 20 years, a Seiko SNZG with its fair share of dings, scratches and a bit of patina is going to make for one bad ass looking military watch.

Dial The dial of the SNZG is good example of a utilitarian dial that while displaying considerable information, remains well balanced, clean and legible. Moving further toward the center of the dial, you will find a large hour numerical scale. A bit further in from there you will find a hour scale.

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A fair question given that most watches I have reviewed from that stable are on the face of it very similar. My answer was simply that those watches I have experienced from the Sheffield based operation have all had a twist if you will. There has always been something either literally or metaphorically beneath the surface which has made me want to own them.

Therein lies what I believe to be the secret to the success of the internet based company. As well as adding authenticity to genres of watches by resurrecting trademarks e. Precista , Timefactors has, as already demonstrated, improved on the originals.

Seiko Astron Novak Djokovic Limited Edition Worn by Novak Djokovic as he won his fourteenth Grand Slam title at the US Open, the Seiko Astron Novak Djokovic Limited Edition is a true representation of functional watchmaking.

A few weeks ago I was over at one of my friends’ apartment and he mentioned a watch his father had given him a few years ago but had since broken. He said it was nothing special but still kinda neat, so I asked to see it. He went to his room and pulled out a Seiko 5T A38 World Timer in great condition serial number indicates it was manufactured in The small seconds hand had popped off and the battery was dead, but it was in great condition otherwise.

I told him a bit about the watch and said I’d be happy to fix it up, so a couple weeks later he dropped it off at my place and I got to work on it. Case back off, stems out, and replaced the small seconds hand, then ordered a new battery. Thank you, Amazon Prime. Today I finished my work by installing the new battery, setting the time, adjusting the time zone indicator hand, and setting the GMT function.

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