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Prices listed are for two people. Children under 18 are always free. Pets are free, and we ask that campers have no more than two dogs per camper. Cats must be indoor cats. There is a maximum two vehicles plus an RV per site. We do not have any on-site storage available. This deposit is fully refundable at check out if you provide at least 15 days notice and leave your site clean. It will be first applied to your last month’s electric bill. All extended-stay campers must make a reservation in-person or over the phone,. You can’t reserve an extended-stay site online.

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Uber, Volvo hook up to create next-generation autonomous cars Uber, Volvo hook up to create next-generation autonomous cars By Bill Howard on August 18, at 3: Separately, Uber will be launching several self-driving Volvo XC90 crossovers this month in Pittsburgh. Details on the Volvo-Uber partnership According to a statement by Volvo, this is the start of an ongoing collaboration:

I grew up in the mountains of West Virginia. In my youth, my mom would frequently exclaim, “Be careful where you hook your red wagon.” The mountain expression is a warning.

Kids will enjoy riding around the park or neighborhood in their extended Choo Choo Wagon thanks to the easily attachable Choo Choo Trailer. Compare all of our wagons to find the perfect one for your kiddo! Maximum weight in trailer: I already had a three car Choo Choo wagon for my daycare. When two more kids arrived we ordered two more cars. They assembled very easy, and clipped on very nicley. The kids are thrilled! Teacher needs to start working out more! It is heavy, but should be expected with five cars and five kids.

We are in a fairly flat town, so it is not too bad. We have only been out in it once, because of rain. We had every car staring at us, and people loved it.

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Fuel economy size and weight For most shoppers, a minivan or a smaller front-drive station wagon would be a wiser choice than a big wagon like the Custom Cruiser. Those who still value full-size, traditional rear-drive wagons might take a look, however, since only three hung on into the early s—all from General Motors. Overview Oldsmobile gave its last remaining rear-drive model, the full-size Custom Cruiser station wagon, a swoopy new shape for It was the first major restyling since the model had been downsized, way back in Chevrolet and Buick also restyled their wagons this year, and continued to offer sedans built on the same chassis.

The Honda S gained fans in part from its absolute jewel of an engine. The liter naturally aspirated four-cylinder had its rev limiter at an astronomical 9, .

See more classic truck pictures. No doubt Dodge executives of the s couldn’t have imagined the huge market for personal-use four-wheel-drive trucks that exists today. When the Power Wagon was introduced in January , the division described it as a one-ton general-purpose truck designed for off-highway operations on unimproved roads. Neither, it’s safe to assume, could they have foreseen the Power Wagon’s staying power.

Despite “war surplus” looks and L-head power plants, it would remain on the domestic scene until , then last another decade for export under a U. Four-wheel-drive trucks were hardly a new thing when the Power Wagon came out. They had been around since the time of World War I. However, these were heavy-duty vehicles strictly for commercial or military use. Beginning in the s, it was possible for the owners of light trucks to have conversions to four-wheel drive performed by firms like Marmon-Herrington, but these special-order vehicles tended to be bought by businesses or agencies with very specific needs.

World War II impressed the capability of multiaxle drive upon many a soldier who was served by — or even fought with — four- and six-wheel-drive vehicles.

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This Step2 Wagon is the perfect classic wagon for toddlers and preschoolers to ride in! To maximize outdoor play, kids can store their stuffed animals or snacks in this Step2 wagon or adults can use it as an outdoor utility wagon to carry garden supplies around the yard. Two contoured seats and deep leg wells make for a comfortable ride Easy-latch door and deep leg well with molded-in drain holes Large 8″ Compare all of our wagons to find the perfect one for your kiddo!

Maximum weight in wagon:

2 horse hitch, Plantation wagon. beautiful wagon, like new.

We also carry a full line of Recovery Straps and Tow Straps. The most important aspect of towing or recovering a vehicle is knowing where to place tow hooks and recovery straps. The only spot on a car, truck or SUV that can handle the weight of pulling another vehicle is the frame. Bumpers are not designed to withstand the pressure and will be damaged or pulled away completely. You should also not attach a tow rope or recovery strap to an axle. Department of Transportation DOT requires that American made vehicles have four attachment points on the frame where straps can be attached if needed.

If you have a vehicle without tow hooks, you can have a professional weld them onto the frame. Types of hooks Different makes of cars are equipped with different attached tow hooks, therefore a special type of hook may be needed when attaching a tow strap to a vehicle. Simply choose the appropriate hook style and place into the factory hole in the vehicle’s under carriage to ensure safe towing. They generally come with a hook on the end or are designed to be used with hooks.

They work best for a vehicle that can freely move. Recovery straps have more stretch and have loops on the end instead of hooks. Strengths and limits Another important aspect of towing is knowing the strengths of your equipment before using. Sometimes also known as Rated Capacity.

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When I think back on all my favorite western movies and TV shows where wagons are being used, I recall scenes like Pa Ingalls setting high on a wagon seat looking down at Laura, curly dark hair under a broad brimmed hat. I mean, do you remember seeing anyone tying up their wagon and team? Setting the brake and wrapping the lines around the brake arm is all it takes to keep the horses from running off with the wagon. Contrary to popular movie belief, wagon brakes will only slow a wagon down. Historically, wagons were sold with brakes as an extra or special ordered, like extra side boards, heavier wheels and running gear, or a CD player.

Bmw i Wagon Dead Battery No Access Dpi 48 Volt Battery Chargers 6 Volt Rv Battery Hook Up Bmw i Wagon Dead Battery No Access 12 Volt 4ah Alarm Battery Duracell Ultra Photo Battery 6 Volt 2 Six Volt Batteries Wired In Series 6 Volt Rv Battery Hook Up.

It’s run by Teresa Gardner and Paula Meade, two nurse practitioners who navigate the hills and hollows of Appalachia, providing free medical care to the working poor. For more information on the Health Wagon, visit their website or call In , the team encountered that same Winnebago while reporting another 60 Minutes story called “Lifeline” about a charity that air drops weekend-long health clinics into remote, needy areas of the country.

Working among the health care volunteers during the weekend 60 Minutes shot the story was nurse practitioner Teresa Gardner. During some pre-interview chit-chat with Pelley and Schuster, she told them about her almost daily treks through Appalachia to deliver free health care to her struggling community. Pelley and Schuster even shot footage of the Health Wagon, which was there to help out for the weekend. The footage never made air, but the story of the Winnebago stuck with the 60 Minutes team.

It’s old-fashioned medicine in a lot of ways. You get a feel there that they’re treating the patient and not just the symptoms. Like old-fashioned country doctors, Gardner and Meade see patients with all types of serious medical problems — everything from stroke symptoms to diabetes to depression– at no charge.

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Where is the flasher in a 98 Ranger? No turn signals or hazard lights. More than likely, it is a bad turn signal control arm. There is also a relay box under the dash.

A Tipper is an open receptacle on wheels, which can be filled with a variety of Crops and/or other materials, and can dump them at specific locations (such as Silos or selling points). It may be towed behind a Tractor, Truck, Harvester, or even another Tipper, as appropriate. The base game.

Antique ‘s Westclox America tin can peg leg alarm clock. Our clock man says it works good and the alarm works. Double reinforced stress points to withstand a lot of wind. Canvas reinforced corners for authenticity, no vinyl. Comes in all sizes from 10 x 16 to 20 x Email or call us for a quote. Rope and poles not included. Can be used with a single pole or tied to a tree limb. Historical references document that this style tent was used as far back as Made from 13 oz.

Zipper door and sewn in vinyl floor. You furnish stakes and 2 x 4 pole. We use 10 inch nails from the hardware store with steel washers.

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My latest trip, Oct 20 to Oct 23 was a disappointment. We noticed a general lack of security in the park – and, we were unlucky – a party trailer was parked – next to us. On the Thursday that we arrived, the party went on until 1: We are talking about 15 to 20 adults at this site in the loop that were yelling and laughing loudly

The status testing lights cause problems with the back up viewing camera when the trailer is not attached. My advise is to go with the standard 4 way flat dual output adapter without tester. When you use the one without the tester and you have no trailer hooked up, the backup camera works normal.

This would include such peoples as the Red Savages of the Barrens, the Red Hunters of the polar north, the natives of the jungles near Schendi and the raiders of Torvaldsland. During the course of the Gorean series, Tarl Cabot visited many of these various barbarian groups but his first encounter was with the fierce Wagon Peoples. Nomads of Gor, the fourth book in the Gorean series, is the primary source for information on the Wagon Peoples.

Based on my research, the Wagon Peoples seem to be an amalgamation of inspirations from two Earth cultures, the infamous Mongols as well as the gauchos of South America. Though the Mongol connection is the more obvious one, there is ample evidence to indicate the gauchos were a source for Norman as well. The Wagon Peoples are nomadic, roaming across the vast, grassy prairies of the southern hemisphere.

These prairies are largely treeless and often flat though there are some areas of small hills. The prairies teem with wildlife, from deadly prairie sleen, vicious predators, to tiny, brown prairie urts, scavengers. You will also find herds of kailiauk, tumits, and maybe even a larl that descended from the Ta Thassa Mountains. These prairies extend over pasangs from the coast of Thassa, at the Ta Thassa Mountains, to the southern foothills of the Voltai Range.

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